Multi Year Class Reunion

The Washingtonville Alumni committee will begin working  to organize another All Year Class Reunion.  Watch our FaceBook page for details and how to become involved.

The last multi year reunion was held in 2010 at the former Brookside Manor.  There were over 400 alumni in attendance from the Class of ’40 to ’70 at that event which was a sit down dinner.  The experience left a lot of people not happy.  Food came late, food was cold, sound system was terrible.  One was left to remain at their designated table waiting for food and not able to socialize with others.

In making plans for the 2016 reunion, it was decided that no indoor venue would be able to accommodate the numbers the committee wanted to include this time around hence the decision to hold the event at Thomas Bull Memorial Park/Orange County Park.

The date was Saturday, August 6, 2016 from 1 PM to 6 PM.  Jim Loughran was hired to cater the reunion and his menu was amazing!!  There was music and lots of time for gathering together and catching up!  Everyone had a great time reconnecting!

The milestones keep coming……..time to come together again soon….time to celebrate!!

2022 – The next Multi Year Reunion is coming Saturday, August 13 from 3-8 PM.  The venue is the Otterkill Country Club in Campbell Hall.

Class 62 Adelaide Watkins Hasbrouck Grade 5

Mrs. Adelaide Watkins Hasbrouck 5th Grade Class of 1962


Class '62 Frieda Baird grade 3

Mrs. Frieda Baird 3rd Grade Class of 1962


Class '62 Miss Barbara Mott grade 1

Miss Barbara Mott 1st Grade Class 1962


Class 1964 perhaps Adelaide Hasbrouck

Mrs. Adalaide Watkins Hasbrouck Class of 1964 (?)


Class 1965 Kay Spencer Grade 2

Mrs. Kay Spencer 2nd Grade Class of 1965


Class 1967 Emily Davis Grade 2

Mrs. Emily Davis 2nd Grade Class of 1967


Class 1968 Rose Ciaccio  Grade 1

Mrs. Rose Ciaccio 1st Grade Class of 1968


Class 1967 Gladys Callery Grade 3

Mrs. Gladys Callery 3rd Grade Class of 1967


Mrs. Bairds Third Grade class

Mrs. Bairds Third Grade Class of 1966


Class not sure Ruth Overfield

Mrs. Ruth Overfield Grade 1 Class of 1968


1972 History Faculty 2



1972 History Faculty

1972 Faculty History


1968 English Faculty 2

1972 Faculty English






1972 Music Faculty1972 Math Special Services

1972 Language Faculty

1972 Language

1972 Office Staff

1972 Office Staff


1972 Eric Samuelson Memorial

Remembering Eric 


W'ville-3rd grade 1956-57

Mrs. Emily Davis 3rd Grade Class 1966


Miss Overfield

Miss Ruth Overfield 1st Grade Class 1966


Miss Quick

Miss Olive Quick 1st Grade


Mrs Ciaccio

Mrs. Rose Ciaccio Grade 2 Class 1966



Mrs. Ruth Briggs 5th Grade Class of 1964

IMG_3655IMG_3659IMG_3662IMG_3656Mr. Taft

Mrs. Baird’s 3rd grade 1957-58

Class of 1966 – Mrs. Miller 1957-58

12 thoughts on “Multi Year Class Reunion

  1. Photo marked “Mrs Emily Davis 3rd grade class-1966”, the teacher is Mrs. Margaret Fallon. BTW great website and photos.


    • Leonard – The link is at the top of the page – click it on to a page with the PDF file and that will give you the info. $50 per person….send to Washingtonville Alumni Assoc PO Box 38 Blooming Grove NY 10914. Include your email address and the year of graduation. Thank you.

      Also see Washingtonville Alumni on Facebook.


  2. Help, I just returned from out of State (for medical reasons) and had no comp access. I would like to attend but have missed yesterday’s deadline. Is there still availability and may I still mail a check for myself to the Alumni Association. Class of 67.


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